Some testimonial from our lovely clients and partners.

  • Rumi
  • Nurgianto
  • Tahira
  • Miryam

Owner of  Villa Takama, Canggu - Bali.

Piyus worked very professionally at our villa, paid attention to the details and he was very nice and polite person. He also spoke very good Japanese!

Manager of Santun Villa, Ubud - Bali.

nurgiantoPiyus very much appreciation for the photos. We are so happy with the result of his photos. He is highly recommended to anyone who look for a professional photographer to take property's photos.

Owner of Unique Artist Apartment, Ubud - Bali.

tahiraPiyus cam to shoot my house and he was super professional his pictures are great and made me get a lot more attention on airbnb, I can only recommend him..!!

Owner of Droomhuizen Villa, Bali.

miryamI am a Photographer myself so it was Great to see Piyus work. Hè really took his time And i could straight away see that hè knew what hè was doing. Hè works with An assistant And uses his flashes in a beautiful way. I would for Sure Ask him To come And take pictures of my other house! Also The contact To make An appointment went really smooth. So you can Ask for Piyus.


  • Victoria
  • Nino
  • Maureen
  • Yuni

Owner of Fortuno Villa, Bandung.

victoriaThank you Piyus for your huge help of taking pictures of my villa even though several times we have to reschedule the photo shoots, yet you are very patient and kind. The photo results is very good and would love to ask you again to make another pictures to my new villas in the future. God bless you.

Owner Of Archelinga Villa in Parang Tritis, Yogyakarta.

ninoPiyus took some beautiful snapshots of two of our properties in Yogyakarta. He was very helpful and supportive when on the very last minute i decided to requested a professional photographer and Piyus was very helpful in processing and helping to speed up the process. We are ever thankful to you Mas Piyus! Look at the fabulous result on my listings and you'll be a maze how talented he is! We wish you all the best for your future and thanks again for your support!

Owner Of Gorgeous Villa in Ubud, Bali.

maureenEasy to work with! Great photos! Very professional!

Owner Of Omah Sabah Guest House, Yogyakarta.

omah-sabahHe is super fun, easy going, laid back, and genius with his camera. We would be more than happy for hosting him in our simple homestay if he's back in Jogja. Thank you for the lovely photos!

  • Arlo and Tuti
  • Chez Bon
  • BBE Villas
  • Wim Van Kuijk

Owner of  Bali Villa and Artist in Ubud, Bali.

Piyus and his team produced a photo shoot for my villa. They did an excellent job. I highly recommend you take advantage of his great service. I would hire Piyus for your private needs too!


chez-bonThanks for your picture for us on Chez Bon Braga 45, Bandung. We love the result and we hope that would be more attractive in industry. Piyus is friendly and smart person when using his camera! 🙂 Once again, thank you very much..


bbe-villasWe used Piyus's services and he has proven him self as a professional photographer, a very efficient person, and pics are beautiful. Very recommended. Sukses terus Piyus!

Owner of "The Sawah" Home Hotel and Restaurant, Yogyakarta.

wim-van-kuijkPiyus is a friendly professional. The took care of the AirBnB photos for our Home Hotel The Sawah. He paid so much attention to all the details. He said usually the job took less than an hour, but he spent two hours at our place. And the result was extremely good. Thanks a lot!

  • Jolanda
  • Yang
  • Tricia
  • Binanto

Owner Balinese Villa Bali.

We used Piyus to make our villa's picture and he made a very good job!!!

Owner Borobudur Guest House, Magelang.

yangPiyus is very easy going and friendly person. He made a good picture for my guest house. He's a photographer that airbnb send for us. He's picture is beautiful, he can shot his camera in your place and take his best shot. Thanks alot for your photo......

Owner Of Mengwi Guest House, Bali.

triciaPiyus came to my house to shoot for Airbnb and the results speak for themselves. Thoroughly professional with an excellent eye for architectural photography. I highly recommend to anyone.

Owner Stay@alkid Homestay, Yogyakarta.

binantoPiyus, thank you very much! Your photos of stay@alkid homestay shines what should be shine. The details of your photos shows all attractive details You are highly recommended.

  • Wawan
  • Jon
  • Keith
  • Sabina

Manager Of Alam Jogja Resort, Yogyakarta.

We're very happy got help from Piyus Silaban, great photos, quickly and professional.

Owner Of Amrita Villa Ubud, Bali.

I thought that Piyus' work was nice. I would definitely have him back for another shoot next time.

Owner of beautiful villa in Seminyak, Bali.

Very pleasant to deal with Piyus! Professional and prompt to reply you can fell confident with his really good service. Be sure your property will be in good hand.

Owner Of Amomaya villa in Ubud, Bali.

Piyus did a beautiful job photographing our villas. He made all the photos bright and vivid and captured the spaciousness perfectly. We highly recommend his skill..!!

  • Aidan
  • Therese
  • Lars
  • Maike

Owner Of Tegul Cupek villa in Canggu, Bali.

Piyus came over and shot our place he did a great job and was very professional.

Owner Of Lila Bamboo Villa In Ubud, Bali.

Piyus took some beautiful shoots of Lila Bamboo villa. Even though it was later in the day, he seamed to capture the light and depth of Lila Bamboo Villa. Thank you Piyus for your lovely work. Warmest, Ioannis and Therese.

Owner of beautiful villa in Seminyak, Bali.

Piyus worked fast and professional and did a good job. I am satisfied with his pictures.

Owner of Villa in Kerobokan, Bali.

Piyus was very helpful and always ready to get to work. He was patient with arrangements I had to make and in the end the most important the pictures turned out great! We are very happy with the end result and the house is depicted as we could have only wished for . Thank you!

Proud Member of the International Association of Architectural Photographers.


Piyus Silaban
Still & Motion
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