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Santonius Silaban is the name given by his father, but from childhood his friends call him Piyus and was brought up to now. Piyus Silaban was born in Tebing-Tinggi small town in north Sumatera, Indonesia.
Piyus has been taking photos since his love of photography started in High School. He has been a Professional Photographer since he lived and worked in Japan in 2007. He brought his talents back to Indonesia in 2010 and currently stays in the paradise island of Bali capturing the many beautiful sights. With 3 years of experience working for a Japanese company and 2 years with American company, give him extensive list of clients including many Resorts and Golf Courses and growing each month.
Beside architectures and stock photography, he also takes high interest in beauty of indonesian culture, fashion and glamour, traveler, under water, landscape, architectures including interior/exterior, food & beverage and wedding photography.
Some of the photography contest which he won and you can see at this LINK.

Architectural photographer and golf course photography requires him traveling to many beautiful location in Indonesia.
He aims to deliver his feeling during the process of creating these images to the audience. In short word, he wants people to enjoy and penetrate viewing his work.
His work has been published in a few international publications and he continues to work on editorial submissions, hoping that one day he could feature in the top leading magazines in the world.

When 2014, Piyus build a community-based photographic education, named Chitose Gallery.

Because He has been working with Airbnb Plus as a professional photographer since 2018, Luxury Retreats invited Him to be an Ambassador especially in Bali region.

Special thanks to everyone who has supported him so far because he could not be where he is now without everyone's support.
Thank you and enjoy!

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